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True Mfg 800393 - Control

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True Mfg 800393 - Control Description

True Mfg 800393 - Control
OEM Replacement Part from True Manufacturing
OEM Part #800393
Commonly Fits Model #'s: GDM-06, GDM-07, GDM-09, GDM-09E, GDM-09K, GDM-10, GDM-10-52, GDM-10LE, GDM-10PT, GDM-10PT-LE, GDM-10RF, GDM-10RF-LE, GDM-10SSL, GDM-11, GDM-12, GDM-12LE, GDM-12LE-RF, GDM-12PT, GDM-12PT-LE, GDM-12RF, GDM-14SL, GDM-15, GDM-15T, GDM-19, GDM-19T, GDM-22, GDM-23, GDM-23RF, GDM-23W, GDM-23W-RF, GDM-29-SO, GDM-33C, GDM-33CPT-44, GDM-33CPT-54, GDM-33SL-60, GDM-33SL-60LE, GDM-33SSL-54, GDM-33SSL-54 COKE/MCDONALDS, GDM-33SSL-54-24, GDM-35SL-60, GDM-35SL-RF, GDM-35SW-60, GDM-41CPT, GDM-41SL, GDM-41SL-54, GDM-41SL-54N, GDM-41SL-60, GDM-47, GDM-47RL, GDM-49, GDM-49DT, GDM-49PT, GDM-49RF, GDM-49RL, GDM-49W, GDM-49W-RF, GDM-52TM, GDM-52TM-RL, GDM-61, GDM-69, GDM-69HL, GDM-69RL, GDM-72, GDM-72 DOLLAR GENERAL, GDM-72 FAMILY DOLLAR, GDM-72RL, GEM-10, GEM-12, GEM-19, GEM-23RF, GEM-26, GEM-26 SUBWAY, GEM-37, GEM-45, GEM-47, GEM-49, GEM-61FC, GEM-69, GEM-72, T-12, T-12G, T-19, T-19E, T-19G, T-23, T-23-1-G-1, T-23-2, T-23DT, T-23DT-1-G-1, T-23DT-G, T-23G, T-23G-2, T-23G-PT, T-23G-RL, T-23PT, T-23RL, T-28G-2, T-35, T-35G, T-43, T-49, T-49-2-G-2, T-49-4, T-49-4PT, T-49G, T-49G-4, T-49G-PT, T-49G-RL, T-49PT, T-49RL, T-72, T-72-3-G-3, T-72-6, T-72G, T-72G-6, TA1DT-2HS, TA1R-1S, TA1R-1S STARBUCKS, TA1R-2HS, TA1RRI-1G, TA1RRI-1S, TA1RRI89-1S, TA1RRT-1G-1S, TA1RRT-1S-1S, TA1RRT89-1S-1S, TA2DT-2S, TA2DT-4HS, TA2R-2G, TA2R-2HG/2HS, TA2R-2S, TA2R-4HG, TA2R-4HS, TA2RPT-2G-2G, TA2RPT-2G-2S, TA2RPT-2HG/2HS-2G, TA2RPT-2HG/2HS-2S, TA2RPT-2S-2G, TA2RPT-2S-2S, TA2RPT-4HG-2G, TA2RPT-4HG-2S, TA2RPT-4HG-4HG, TA2RPT-4HG-4HS, TA2RPT-4HS-2G, TA2RPT-4HS-2S, TA2RRI-2G, TA2RRI-2S, TA2RRT-2G-2S, TA2RRT-2S-2S, TA3R-3G, TA3R-3S, TA3R-6HS, TA3RPT-3S-3S, TAC-30, TAC-36, TAC-36GS, TAC-48, TAC-48GS, TAC-72, TAC-72GS, TBB-1, TBB-1-S, TBB-24-48FR, TBB-24-48FR-S, TBB-24-60, TBB-24-60FR, TBB-24-60FR-S, TBB-24-60G, TBB-24-60G-SD, TBB-24-60G-SD-S, TBB-24-60-S, TBB-24-72FR, TBB-24-72FR-S, TBB-24GAL-60, TBB-24GAL-60G, TBB-24GAL-60G-S, TBB-24-GAL-60G-SD, TC-23, TC-23G, TC-49, TC-49G, TC-72, TC-72G, TCGR-50, TCGR-50-CD, TCGR-59, TCGR-77, TD-80-30, TDD-1, TDD-1-S, TG1DT-2HS, TG1R-1S, TG1R-1S STARBUCKS, TG1R-2HS, TG1RRI-1G, TG1RRI-1S, TG1RRI89-1S, TG1RRT-1G-1S, TG1RRT-1S-1S, TG1RRT89-1S-1S, TG2DT-2S, TG2DT-4HS, TG2R-2G, TG2R-2HG/2HS, TG2R-2S, TG2R-4HG, TG2R-4HS, TG2RPT-2G-2G, TG2RPT-2G-2S, TG2RPT-2HG/2HS-2G, TG2RPT-2HG/2HS-2S, TG2RPT-2S-2G, TG2RPT-2S-2S, TG2RPT-4HG-2G, TG2RPT-4HG-2S, TG2RPT-4HG-4HG, TG2RPT-4HS-2G, TG2RPT-4HS-2S, TG2RPT-4HS4HS, TG2RRI-2G, TG2RRI-2S, TG2RRI89-2S, TG2RRT-2G-2S, TG2RRT-2S-2S, TG2RRT89-2S-2S, TG3R-3G, TG3R-3S, TG3R-6HS, TG3RPT-3S-3S, TGU-2, TGU-3, TGW-2, TGW-3, TM-24, TM-24-2, TM-24G, TM-25, TM-52, TM-52-4, TM-52G, TM-54, TM-74, TM-74-6, TM-74G, TMC-34, TMC-58, TMC-58-DS, TPP-119, TPP-119D-2, TPP-119D-4, TPP-119D-6, TPP-119D-8, TR1DT-2HS, TR1R-1S, TR1R-2HS, TR1RRI-1G, TR1RRI-1S, TR1RRI89-1S, TR1RRT-1G-1S, TR1RRT-1S-1S, TR1RRT89-1S-1S, TR2DT-2S, TR2DT-4HS, TR2R-2G, TR2R-2HG/2HS, TR2R-2S, TR2R-4HG, TR2R-4HS, TR2RPT-1G/1S-1G/1S, TR2RPT-1G/1S-1G/2HS, TR2RPT-1G/1S-2G, TR2RPT-1G/1S-2HG/1S, TR2RPT-1G/1S-2HG/2HS, TR2RPT-1G/1S-2S, TR2RPT-1G/1S-4HG, TR2RPT-1G/1S-4HS, TR2RPT-1G/2HG-2HG/2HS, TR2RPT-1G/2HS-1G/1S, TR2RPT-1G/2HS-1G/2HS, TR2RPT-1G/2HS-2HG/1S, TR2RPT-1G/2HS-2S, TR2RPT-1G/2HS-4HG, TR2RPT-1G/2HS-4HS, TR2RPT-2G-1G/1S, TR2RPT-2G-1G/2HS, TR2RPT-2G-2G, TR2RPT-2G-2HG/1S, TR2RPT-2G-2HG/2HS, TR2RPT-2G-2S, TR2RPT-2G-4HG, TR2RPT-2G-4HS, TR2RPT-2HG/1S-1G/1S, TR2RPT-2HG/1S-1G/2HS, TR2RPT-2HG/1S-2G, TR2RPT-2HG/1S-2HG/1S, TR2RPT-2HG/1S-2HG/2HS, TR2RPT-2HG/1S-2S, TR2RPT-2HG/1S-4HG, TR2RPT-2HG/1S-4HS, TR2RPT-2HG/2HS-1G/1S, TR2RPT-2HG/2HS-1G/2HS, TR2RPT-2HG/2HS-2G, TR2RPT-2HG/2HS-2HG/1S, TR2RPT-2HG/2HS-2HG/2HS, TR2RPT-2HG/2HS-2S, TR2RPT-2HG/2HS-4HG, TR2RPT-2HG/2HS-4HS, TR2RPT-2S-1G/1S, TR2RPT-2S-1G/2HS, TR2RPT-2S-2G, TR2RPT-2S-2HG/1S, TR2RPT-2S-2HG/2HS, TR2RPT-2S-2S, TR2RPT-2S-4HG, TR2RPT-4HG-1G/1S, TR2RPT-4HG-1G/2HS, TR2RPT-4HG-2G, TR2RPT-4HG-2HG/1S, TR2RPT-4HG-2HG/2HS, TR2RPT-4HG-2S, TR2RPT-4HG-4HG, TR2RPT-4HG-4HS, TR2RPT-4HS-1G/1S, TR2RPT-4HS-1G/2HS, TR2RPT-4HS-2G, TR2RPT-4HS-2HG/1S, TR2RPT-4HS-2HG/2HS, TR2RPT-4HS-2S, TR2RPT-4HS-4HG, TR2RPT-4HS-4HS, TR2RRI-2G, TR2RRI-2S, TR2RRI89-2S, TR2RRT-2G-2S, TR2RRT-2S-2S, TR2RRT89-2S-2S, TR-31, TR-31-1-G-1, TR-31-2, TR-31-2-G-2, TR-31DT, TR-31G, TR-31G-2, TR-31PT, TR-37RI, TR-37RI-89, TR-37RT, TR-37RT-89, TR3R-3G, TR3R-3S, TR3R-4HS-1S, TR3R-6HS, TR3RPT-3S-3S, TR-56, TR-56-2-G-2, TR-56-4, TR-56DT, TR-56G, TR-56G-4, TR-56PT, TR-77RI, TR-77RI-89, TR-77RT, TR-77RT-89, TR-85, TR-85-3-G-3, TR-85-6, TR-85G, TR-85G-6, TRCB-96, TS-12, TS-12G, TS-19, TS-23, TS-23-1-G-1, TS-23-2, TS-23G, TS-23G-2, TS-23G-PT, TS-23G-RL, TS-23PT, TS-28, TS-28-2-G-2PT, TS-28-2PT, TS-28G-2, TS-28G-2PT, TS-28G-PT, TS-28G-RL, TS-28PT, TS-35, TS-35G, TS-43, TS-49, TS-49-1-G-3, TS-49-2-G-2, TS-49-4, TS-49DT-G, TS-49G, TS-49G-4, TS-53-4-G-4PT, TS-53-4PT, TS-53G-RL, TS-72, TS-72-3-G-3, TS-72-6, TS-72G, TS-72G-6, TSD-09G, TSD-33, TSD-33G, TSD-47, TSD-47G, TSD-69, TSD-69G, TUC-119, TUC-119D-2, TUC-119D-4, TUC-119D-6, TUC-119D-8, TVM-400, TWT-119, TWT-119D-2, TWT-119D-4, TWT-119D-6, TWT-119D-8
RHS Part #61-427
Other Notes: Temp Control, 077B6827 Kit #077B7135 8 Amp Includes: 2)801279 Blue Terminal Connectors, Knob, Screws

Warranty Information

If you are not happy with your gasket, we will gladly replace the gasket within 30 days of your order.
Important Notes:
This gasket may be used to replace models and OEM parts as described below.
Our measurements are always outside edge to outside egde.


True Mfg 800393 - Control Reviews

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  1. Quality 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Apr 26th 2017

    Quality product at affordable price

  2. Quality 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Apr 26th 2017

    Quality product at affordable price